Stefan Dorrestjein

The Culture Target

  • Male Audience (18-25) with disposable income, enjoys using betting books like skybet, betfair and betway.
  • Has a deep knowledge and/or personal experience with Esports, a former competitor or aspiring a pro-gamer.
  • Has a deep knowledge and/or personal experience with Crypto-Currency, a stock portfolio or aspiring investor in the market.

The Ask

  • Can we take sportsbets success with the open bet and casino market and deliver a more tailored experience to Esports.
  • Does Esports need to be treated separately to other betting books.
  • Can we match/beat our competitors for fairness, markets and fun-factor in Esports.
  • What does Esports betting look like?

The Solution

  • Create a Identity system that embodies a versatile wordmark that fits in with the culture targets expectations.
  • Design a prototype for an Esports Betting app that applies culture target expectations towards a betting app, is immersive / allows for immersion.
  • Simplify the depositing, withdrawal process for Crypto-Currency.