Alex Byfield


Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Editorial, User Experience, Web Design.

The Culture Target

  • Production crews in Esports
  • Esports management (events, teams & brands)
  • Fits the Surgo intervening profile ( Customer has trouble sleeping, prioritises their work or Esports sessions over themselves, travels vast distances every year to events, poor diet
  • Has a strong interest in changing the above and optimising their day-to-day.

The Ask

Create strategy that explains who Surgo is, why they believe in this cause and how there clients will gain value from being apart of Surgo.

Name the company, the strategy will help us understand our brand’s positions and therefore how we should strategically name our company.

Create an identity that doesn’t feed into the Esports ‘glossy sports graphic’ stereotype. The company is not aimed at the fans, but the business leaders of the industry. The identity needs to feel clinical, professional and be highly adaptable.

Design a website that works like a deck to clients, it needs to tell the story of who we are and why this is going to help businesses channel their focus.

The Solution

  • Naming the company Surgo – From the Latin term Assurgo, which both mean: To rise, lift one’s self, to ascend or a motion of moving upwards. This ties in correctly with the business goal and Industry.
  • A Strategy that outlines a narrative, it’s purpose and it’s value to customers.
  • An identity that assigns emotion to colour and then uses contrast to balance the emotional stresses with emotional neutralisers creating 100’s of colour schemes which can be used for various topics of discussion.
  • A developed from scratch website which covers the request of being made to be similar to a client deck without compromising web experience.